Postdoc vacancies

Full-time postdoctoral posisions in any of the following research areas are available.

  • Brain-inspired artificial intelligence (AI). The aim is to develop more powerful AI models especially neural networks for computer vision related applications based on findings in neuroscience.
    • A background with neuroscience is preferred.
  • AI neuroscience. The aim is to study brain functions using AI models based on the similarity between the brain and AI models.
    • A background with neuroscience is preferred.

Annual income: 350,000-450,000 RMB. Plus 42,000 RMB rent allowance per year. If you are interested, please send me an email with your CV.

Current postgraduate students

Yulong Wang (PhD)

Zhanhao Hu (PhD)

Han Liu (PhD)

Chufeng Tang (PhD)

Shangqi Guo (PhD, co-supervising)

Xiang Li (PhD, co-supervising)

Haoran Chen (Master)

Jian Wu (Master)

Runxun Yang (Master)

Current undergraduate students

Weiyi Zhang (Dept. of EE)

Shan Nan (Dept. of Physics)

Hang Chen (Dept. of Physics)

Xiao Li (Dept. of CS)

Yuanda Liao (Dept. of CS)

Chen Wu (Dept. of Foreign Languages and Literatures)

Jing Wen (Dept. of CS)

Jianjin Xu (Dept. of CS)

Former postgraduate students

Valery Kovtun (Master)

Niange Yu (Master, co-supervised; now @ Apple, Beijing)

Yisu Zhou (Master, co-supervised)

Fangzhou Liao (PhD, co-superivsed; now @ Shukun Tech)

Xi Chen (Master; now @Face++)

Qingtian Zhang (PhD, co-superivsed; now Postdoc @ Tsinghua)

Ming Liang (PhD, co-superivsed; now @ Uber Technologies, Toronto)

Xiaolu Zhang (PhD, co-superivsed; now @ IBM China)

Former visiting students

Shouwen Wang (PhD, Huazhong University of Science and Technology)

Xiaoyang Liu (PhD, Huazhong University of Science and Technology; now @ CityU of Hong KOng)

Jianfeng Wang (Master, BUPT; now @ Lenovo)

Xibin Yue (Master, BFU; now @ Moji)

Former undergraduate students

Changran Hu (Dept. of EE; now @ Lingdongyin Tech)

Jiarui Lu (Dept. of CS)

Qibin Chen (Dept. of CS)

Jialin Zhao (Dept. of CS)

Zhanhao Hu (Dept. of Physics; now @ Tsinghua University)

Yi Zhang (Dept. of EE; now @ Johns Hopkins University)

Shaoxiong Wang (Dept. of CS; now @ MIT)

Chengzhi Mao (Dept. of EE)

Xingyu Jin (Dept. of EE; now @ CMU)

Xiaoyang Guo (Dept. of CS; now @ CUHK)

Ke Bai (Dept. of Physics; now @ Duke University)

Chengxu Zhuang (Dept. of EE; now @ Stanford University)

Jian Wu (Dept. of EE; now @ Tsinghua University)

Yue Zhao (Dept. of EE; now @ CUHK)

Chen Huang (Dept. of CS)

Menghao Zhang (Dept. of CS; now @ Tsinghua University)

Yulong Wang (Dept. of EE; now @ Tsinghua Univ.)

Chen Liu (Dept. of CS; now @ EPFL)

Peiyun Hu (Dept. of CS; now @ UC Irvine)

Tianlin Shi (Institute of Interdisciplinary Information Sciences; now @ Stanford University)

Peng Qi (School of Software; now @ Stanford University)

Shuochen Su (Dept. of CS; now @ University of British Columbia)

Yun Yang (Dept. of Math.; now @ Duke University)

Qiaochu, He (Dept. of Automotive Engineering; now @ UC Berkley)

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